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Every Celebrity Alexis Rose Has Dated



Alexis Rose reveals much of her bizarre past over the course of Schitt’s Creek, including numerous high-profile celebrities she has dated. Schitt’s Creek depicts the riches-to-rags downfall of Johnny and Moira Rose and their adult children David and Alexis. Previously enjoying life as millionaires and socialites, the Roses lose all of their money and status and end up in the podunk Canadian town of Schitt’s Creek — the only asset they were allowed to keep.

Throughout Schitt’s Creek’s 6 seasons, Alexis Rose has been noted as having gone through the most character development and positive change. She began as a spoiled and naive socialite who worried about her boyfriend, dirt on her heels, and if a jet could come to bring her to Diddy’s White Party. As the show progressed, Alexis’s selflessness and kind heart allowed her to open up to those in Schitt’s Creek and embrace her family and the town she eventually called home. She stopped caring about her image and what she thought her life had to look like and began learning more about herself and her mature independence.

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Out of all of Schitt’s Creek’s snippets of the Rose Family‘s past, those about Alexis’ previous relationships are some of the most curious. According to her actress Annie Murphy [via AOL], Alexis was based on real socialites like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians who had a similar array of celebrities in their dating lives. As a socially present young woman from a wealthy family, Alexis — like Hilton and the Kardashians — had flings with actors, musicians, and plenty of other high-profile men. Alexis’s past is sprinkled with unnamed crime lords and Saudi princes, but who are all of the celebrities she has been romantically linked to?

Zac Efron

Zac Efron in Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

As one of the most popular young actors, Zac Efron would have definitely been Alexis’s type back in the day. Instead of Alexis chasing Zac for clout, Alexis makes it seem like he couldn’t get enough of her. In season 4 when Alexis discusses booty calls with Stevie Budd, she mentions how she kept Zac Efron at her hip by frequently sexting. She says that he was so eager to be with her that all she would have to do is text a question mark to indicate a hookup and he would be “pressing the buzzer before I even hit send.”

Jared Leto

Jared Leto - Requiem for a Dream

Alexis recalls to her brother David that Jared Leto was her first kiss, which may mean he was the first out of all of the celebrities that she was linked to. Their relationship may have been more than just a one-off kiss considering Jared gifted David a poncho which he still owns in Schitt’s Creek. Jared is about 15 years older than Alexis, so hopefully, they kissed when she was at an appropriate age.

All 3 Hanson Brothers

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson are three brothers in the popular early 2000s pop-rock band Hanson. The brothers are all around Alexis’s age, so it’s not surprising she could have been paired with all three as a young socialite. She explains that she dated all three of them in one summer in an attempt to get tickets to the Teen Choice Awards, so hopefully, she scored the tickets from at least one of them. 

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Vin Diesel

The Fast and The Furious star Vin Diesel was mentioned by Alexis when referencing their prior affair where he ended up “naked and crying.” The relationship probably didn’t go too far considering he was crying and she was confident enough to tell this story while Alexis and Ted Mullens were at lunch with their parents. Vin Diesel’s prominence in celebrity culture was around the early 2000s when The Fast and The Furious franchise began, so this is likely when he and Alexis got together. Schitt’s Creek loved to give Alexis wild pairings, but this one doesn’t make much sense when considering the other men she dated.

Adam Levine

american horror story adam levine leo morrison

In a sarcastic comment to David indicating she knows he and Patrick weren’t just “looking” at apartments, she compares the situation to how she and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine “just went for bubble tea.” Her emphasis on the “just” indicates she and Adam Levine did much more, which most likely involves a hookup that was simply rumored as a lunch date. Levine has been in steady relationships since 2010, so the timing implies that he and Alexis had a fling shortly after Maroon 5’s mainstream success. The Rose family most likely had an in with young up-and-coming musicians and decided to give frontman Adam Levine a chance.

Josh Groban

It’s not indicated how long or serious the relationship between Alexis and singer Josh Groban was, but it does seem that he was very strict about setting their boundaries. While explaining to David how in a relationship one has to set ground rules, she mentions that Josh Groban had a binder full of them. Not much is known about Groban’s personal life, but as an internationally celebrated young musician, Alexis may have been seduced by his voice into a little tryst.

Sean Penn

Surprisingly, Alexis wasn’t the one to name-drop Sean Penn as a former boyfriend. As Johnny and Moira are walking outside of town, he recalls the wellness retreat they attended right after Alexis broke up with Sean Penn. It’s slightly concerning that Johnny and Moira were completely aware of a young Alexis’ relationship with Sean Penn, who is about their age, and had no opinion on it either way. They presumably dated somewhere in between his high-profile relationships with Robin Wright and Charlize Theron, so thankfully Alexis got out of the relationship before she became a stepmom to kids her same age.

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The extent of Alexis’s relationship with the EDM musician Diplo is unknown, but she does state that he still sends her nudes. She doesn’t reveal if the nudes were welcomed or not, but if he’s that confident to continually send her pictures after years of dropping off the social sphere and living in Schitt’s Creek, they must have been together once or twice. Alexis has a very Coachella and music festival lover vibe, so they likely met at a few music-themed events with her friends.

Harry Styles

Alexis makes it sound like she and the One Direction member Harry Styles actually had a pretty serious relationship. When deciding if Alexis should move to the Galapagos, she asks Twyla if she should leave her life behind to move to an island with the love of her life, but then indicates she’s already done this before with Harry Styles. Alexis suggests she and Harry were madly in love, then she moved to England to be with him but it was “too rainy.” Sadly, Alexis and Harry’s love affair ended before the popularity of his solo albums.

Prince Harry

While learning about Marie Antionette in Jocelyn’s class, Alexis explains how she was nicknamed “Marie” when she was casually dating Prince Harry. She describes how there were rumors about “if she was going to be a princess,” but the Marie Antionette comparison also came from how she and Prince Harry went through a dark phase where they were “partying too hard.” The early 2000s saw many royal PR scandals about Prince Harry’s excessive partying, so Alexis likely attended the same functions. The two are around the same age, so matched with their social tendencies the pairing makes sense. Schitt’s Creek would have had the cameo of the century if Prince Harry arrived to visit his ex-girlfriend.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach

Leo and Alexis’s dating history seems to be pretty short. Alexis mentioned that the two had gone on a blind date to Bali. It isn’t revealed when this took place, but Leo is a bit older than her which makes the pairing intriguing. Leo is known for dating much younger women who are active in the social sphere and are generally models, so a mutual friend may have set them up after Alexis’ hit show “A Little Bit Alexis” aired and she had enough social clout.

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Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett As Clark Gable in Drunk History

Alexis revealed that while Harnett was filming Pearl Harbor, they had a long-distance texting relationship that was semi-committed. Alexis’s age is never exactly revealed considering the timeline is pretty messy, but it’s assumed she was born between 1985 and 1988. If so, she would have been younger than 16 when dating Hartnett in 2001, while he would have been 22 or 23. It seems pretty illegal considering there was a 6 to 10 year age difference, but Johnny and Moira definitely weren’t monitoring who she was dating at the time. Josh was included on Teen People’s “21 Hottest Stars Under 21” list in 1999, so Alexis, as a young and upcoming socialite, most likely had her eye on him.

Brian Littrell

Brian (B-Rok) was a member of the popular boy band the Backstreet Boys who dominated the late 1990s. In Schitt’s Creek’s final season, Ted surprises Alexis with a visit that reminds her of when she tried to break up with Littrell during the Backstreet Boys “Millenium” Tour. This would place their relationship around late 1999 or early 2000, so she would have still been a teenager. Since she was comparing the situation to hers and Ted’s in Schitt’s Creek, they most likely had a long-distance relationship while he was touring, which she tried to end gently.

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